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Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) was incorporated in 1989 and commenced operations in 1990. It is the designated centre within the public sector healthcare network to spearhead and co-ordinate the provision of specialised ophthalmological services with emphasis on quality education and research.

Since its opening in 1990, The Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) is known for its quality one-stop personalized service for patients who require eye care services provided by its staff of 450 highly specialised medical, nursing, para-medical and administrative personnel. Each year we manage: 250000 outpatient visits 14000 day surgeries, 3000 LASIK procedures, 8000 laser procedures for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma etc

SNEC is actively involved in clinical trials and research into the causes and treatment of major eye conditions such as myopia and glaucoma. Thousands of ophthalmologists from neighbouring countries and beyond have participated in the Centre's teaching courses and international meetings organised annually. To advance ophthalmic science and service, and to increase opportunities for professional interactions and collaboration, SNEC has also fostered strategic links with leading eye institutions AROUND THE WORLD. The new Phase 2 wing will more than double the Centre's operating capacity and will further enhance SNEC's capabilities to deliver cost effective quality eye care to meet increasing demand and to expand its role in ophthalmic education and research.


To lead the overall development of Ophthalmology by: Providing the highest quality cost effective ophthalmic care. Nurturing and renewing the necessary human resources. Pursuing high impact competitive research.

Vision & Mission:

To lead the overall development of Ophthalmology by:

  • Providing the highest quality cost effective ophthalmic care
  • Nurturing and renewing the necessary human resources
  • Pursuing high impact competitive research

  • List of Specialities and Departments:

    • Neurology & Neuro Surgery
    • Ophthalmology / Eye

    • Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery
    • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
    • Blepharitis
    • Cataract And Comprehensive Ophthalmology
    • Childhood Myopia
    • Contact Lenses
    • Corneal
    • Diabetic Retinopathy
    • Dry Eyes
    • Entropion
    • Floaters & Flashes
    • Glaucoma
    • Neuro-Ophthalmology
    • Ocular Inflammation & Immunology
    • Oculoplastic/Aesthetic Eyeplastic
    • Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus
    • Refractive Errors
    • Refractive Surgery
    • Retinal Detachment
    • Squints In Children
    • Tearing Disorders
    • Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)
    • Upper Eyelid Drooping (Ptosis)
    • Vitreo-Retinal

    • Dr J F Cullen MD, MCh, FRCS, FRCSE Neuro-Ophthalmology
    • Dr Cordelia Chan M.Med(Ophth),FRCS(Ed), FAMS Cornea
    • Dr Anshu Arundhati MMed(Ophth), FRCS(Ed), FAMS Cornea
    • Dr Ho Ching Lin M.Med(Ophth), M.Med(Paed), FRCS(Ed) Glaucoma
    • Dr Gemmy Cheung M.Med (Ophth), FRCOphth(UK)Ocular Inflammation & Immunology
    • Dr Audrey Looi MBBS, FAMS, MMed(Ophth), FRCS(Ed)Oculoplastic/Aesthetic Eyeplastic
    • Dr Quah Boon Long M.Med(Ophth), FRCS(Ed),FAMS Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus
    • Dr Lim Li M.Med(Ophth), FRCS(Ed), FAMS Refractive Surgery
    • Dr Doric Wong M.Med(Ophth), FRCS(Ed) Vitreo-Retinal
    • Dr Doric Wong M.Med(Ophth), FRCS(Ed)Vitreo-Retinal
    • Dr Low Huey Moon BDS, MDS, FAMS Prosthetic Dentistry
    • Dr Teoh Khim Hean BDS, MDS, FAMS, FRACDS Prosthodontics

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