Technology Used

SurgeryPlanet has pioneered, developed and implemented a one of a kind , user friendly, Patient Healthcare Management B2B2C software called "eCarePlanet". It has been designed and built specifically for overseas Health care facilitation. This tele-medicine software links the user/patient to all the health care providers in our network through the internet platform.

It is the first and only B2B2C software of such high quality and functions, developed for remote patient case management. eCarePlanetis built on stable and secure web technology platform and is designed to effectively and securely manage overseas healthcare facilitation of the patient with real time information management.

The different providers and agencies involved in the process including hospitals, surgeons, Travel partners, hotels, financers, insurance agencies and Case Mangers are directly linked with the patient’s case documents, schedules and bookings. The advanced Search functions and Filters of the system allow the user to get the required information easily and efficiently. Through this platform, the patient has direct and transparent access to all the parties involved in the process of healthcare facilitation.

This B2B2C system allows the patient to review all the providers and surgeons that are networked into this system, for their services, facilities, qualifications, experience, success rates and treatment costs and communicate with the providers freely. The users can upload and send information from all user stations, to all users or selected users, upload medical documents and films, schedule appointments, book surgeries, book hospital, hotel and travel tickets, make secure payments through secure gateways and efficiently manage information in real-time.

eCarePlanet has separate and independently designed, secure portals for each of the subscribed providers on the network, with advanced patient management system designed for their specific roles and needs. The innovative and effective design, along with the use of advanced technology provides accurate information and transactions at real-time, eliminating human errors in the process. The software enhances communication and coordination with all parties involved in the process, making it the most effective and safest health care facilitation system. SurgeryPlanet provides access to this eCarePlanet online management system, for exclusive use, to their network hospitals and customers. If you are a customer, please register for free access to the eCarePlanet system. If you are a service provider and wish to join our network and use our Provider-Patient healthcare management system, please register online for access code or contact us on 1-866-233-6997, email us at


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