INTACS is an acronym for Inserted using the added precision of the Intralase laser. These are the small prescription ring inserts that are implanted in the cornea for the correction of Keratoconus and mild myopia up to -4.00D. Intacs are two tiny, clear crescent-shaped pieces of a plastic polymer which is inserted into the cornea. INTACS inserts cannot be felt; they are no more visible than a contact lens and require no maintenance. INTAC inserts can also be removed and again replaced if a need for prescription changes. But the removal of INTAC inserts causes vision to regress to the previous condition they were before the insertion of INTACs.

To treat nearsightedness, Intacs correct the vision by flattening the cornea in order to refocus light rays and improve vision. The reshaping of the cornea using the INTACS lenses will make it flatter and hence correct the problems with your vision. The use of Intacs is very beneficial to your vision and overall well being and it provides you with options in the future.



The INTACS insertion is relatively simple and can be done in an outpatient’s clinic. During the treatment, anaesthetic eye drops are used to numb your eye and prevent any pain. The ophthalmologist will make a number of incisions around the peripheral aspect of your cornea, once your eyelids have been held back, where they can then insert the INTACS, just under the cornea and then stick into the cornea, helping to strengthen it and correct your vision. The surgeon will add a number of stitches to help them stay in your eye, which you may find it irritating of your eye. Gradually the Vision begins to improve the day after the procedure but may fluctuate for several days. There are few possible side effects with Intacs because some patients respond and heal differently so the results may vary. In most cases, although the cornea is improved, glasses or contacts are still needed.


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