About Us

SurgeryPlanet is a Pioneer, leader and the most trusted name in the Medical Tourism Industry. We are a US based, global Medical Tourism company, with healthcare facilitation services in 44 countries through our network of over 1000 hospitals, clinics and health resorts. Our headquarters is in Concord near San Francisco bay in California with offices in major cities around the globe.

Technology Used

SurgeryPlanet has pioneered, developed and implemented a one of a kind , user friendly, Patient Healthcare Management B2B2C software called "eCarePlanet". It has been designed and built specifically for overseas Health care facilitation. This tele-medicine software links the user/patient to all the health care providers in our network through the internet platform.

Our Mission & Goals

We at SurgeryPlanet are a highly motivated and dedicated team with a strong belief and conviction that our organization, its efforts, work and services makes an enormous difference in the quality of life of our clients, their families, and communities.We provide the most comprehensive, ethical, value added and the best quality overseas medical facilitation services,


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